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John Rozembersky
Chemical Engineer


John is the "go- to" expert for both flat sheet and hollow fiber membranes and process systems. He has successfully defined, designed, optimized and solved technical problems for hundreds of upstream and downstream Tangential Flow Filtration applications including: plasma and protein fractionation, vaccines, recombinant proteins purification, virus removal and cell harvesting/clarification applications.

A History in Membrane Technologies
An unrivaled dedication to TFF

6 years
WaterSep BioSeparations Corporation
Executive Vice President

6 years
RGI Consulting
CEO, Principle Consultant

10 Years
Pall Corporation

10 Years
Filtron Technology Corporation
Co-founder and executive VP

8 Years
Membrane Manufacturing and Process Development

Special Projects

About John Rozembersky

Over 30 years of professional Tangential Flow Filtration Experience
The internationally recognized expert in TFF


John Rozembersky is CEO and President of The Rozembersky Group, an independent consulting firm he formed in the spring of 2005.

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The mission for his consulting firm is to be a dedicated and total tangential flow filtration (TFF) solutions provider to the biopharmaceutical applications market.  With his hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge for filtration and purification spanning close to 30 years, John is internationally recognized as a leading authority in TFF in the Biopharmaceutical sector from bench-top development to large scale manufacturing.

One of John Rozembersky's many recognized career accomplishments and achievements was as  co-founder for the highly successful TFF company, Filtron Technology Corporation. During the decade following the start-up of Filtron in 1985, Filtron grew to a multi-million dollar worldwide leader in TFF providing membrane products and systems with developed leading-edge technologies.  As a key technical principle, John contributed to the success of Filtron through his development of a state-of-art membrane manufacturing casting process and his co-development for the proprietary membrane chemistries that led to the most extensive line of UF and MF tangential flow filtration membrane products available by any one company.

As TFF processes emerged to the top as a key unit operation on the critical path for most BioPharm product purification schemes, John directed his expertise in the past two decades towards providing direct field support for sales and customer technical applications, both domestic and international. His hands-on approach and applied common-sense principles helped successfully define, design, optimize and trouble-shoot well over 600 downstream purification BioPharm applications in TFF.  John continues to be very involved in the design and scale-up of TFF systems from lab to pilot to manufacturing in applications that include: plasma and protein fractionation, vaccines, recombinant proteins purification, virus removal and cell harvesting applications.  His system designs and application protocols, developed over the past two decades, have become standards used by many today. In 1995, Filtron was acquired by Pall Corporation and John remained as VP of Global TFF Technologies supporting the technology transfers and all worldwide TFF technical and application support to BioPharm customers.    

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Education & General Background
Pro-Soccer Player, Marathon Man, Family Man

John recieved his education from the New Jersey Institute of Technology where he completed both his BS and MS studies in Chemical Engineering.

He and his wife of 35+ years live near Boston, Massachusetts. They have two children, now grown. John is a former professional soccer player and has also finished 17 marathons.


Excellent presentation, John is extremely  knowledgeable & charismatic. This course is  beyond all course on TFF I have heard....tons of info in short time . John Doe – URI lecture

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